Current Chief and Council

Steven Tatoosh (Chief Councillor)

Steve oversees the Natural Resources Department to ensure sufficient protection of Hupacasath rights and titles. This includes data base management, administrative reporting, and staff supervision.




Warren LauderWarren Lauder (Councillor)

Warren Lauder (E-eek ma ooht la) has been an elected councillor for the past 6 years and has also served as the Forest Resource Manager. In the role of Forest Resource Manager Warren has the responsibility to manage the community’s forestry operations (Woodlot and Salvage) in a sustainable manner.

The Forest Resource Manager also is tasked with bringing added value to the overall forestry operation by identifying additional funding and business development opportunities through grants and R&D programs and seek economic opportunities within the forestry field. In performing the above the Forest Resource Manager must also be committed to safe work practices under the Hupacasath Safety Policy and abide by the Safety Accord under the B.C. Forest Safety Council.

Warren serves as a member of Upnit Power Corporation and holds the portfolio for Health and Education and takes pride in representing and working for the Hupacasath First Nation.

Jim Tatoosh (Councillor)