Land & Resources 4

2.5 Plants and Wildlife Resources

As stated in section 2.2 the Hupacasath territory contains a wide abundance of wildlife and plant resources.

The following species will require management for their protection and enhancement:

  Red and Blue listed Plants

Scientific Name Common Name Location Status
Allium amplectens Slimleaf Onion Sproat Bridge Blue - G4 S3
Allium acuminatum Hooker's Onion Meconella Bluff, Peitler's Bluff Blue - G5 S3
Allium crenulatum Olympic Onion Mt. Arrowsmith, Mina Ridge Red - G4 S2
Allium geyeri var. tenerum Geyer's Onion Somass Estuary Red - G4G5T?, S2
Anemone drummondii var drummondie Alpine anemone Mt. Arrowsmith Blue - G4T4 S2S3
Aster curtis White-top Aster Kitsucksis (extripated) Red, G3, S2
Aster paucicapitatus Olympic Mountain Aster Mt. Arrowsmith, Clayquot limestone area Blue - G3 S2S3
Botrychium simplex Least Moonwort Meconella Bluff Blue - G5, S2S3
Cuscuta pentagona Field Dodder Somass estuary Blue - G5, S2S3
Elatine rubella Three-flowered Waterwort Somass estuary Blue - G5, S2S3
Eleocharis parvula Small Spike-rush Somass estuary Blue - G5, S2S3
Eleocharis rostellata Beaked Spike-rush Somass estuary Blue - G5, S1
Erysimum arenicola var torulosum Sand-dwelling Wallflower Mt. Arrowsmith, Mt. Klitsa Blue - G4G5T?, S2S3
Fraxinus latifolia Oregon Ash Somass Estuary, MackTush Red, G5, S1
Githopsis specularoides Common Bluecup Meconella Bluff Blue - G5, S2S3
Hedysarum occidentale Sweetvetch, Western Hedysarum Clayquot Limestone, Pogo Mt. Blue - G5, S2S3
Lilaeaa scilloides Flowering Quilwort Somass Estuary Blue - G5, S2S3
Juncus oxymeris Pointed Rush Somass estuary Blue - G5, S2S3
Madia minima Small-headed Tarweed S100 Red, G4, S1
Meconella oregana White Meconella Meconella Bluff, Peitler's Bluff Red, G2, S2
Mitella caulescens Leafy Mitrewort King Solmon's Basin Blue - G5, S2S3
Montia chamissoi Chamisso's Montia Sproat River Blue, G5, S2S3
Montia diffusa Branching Montia Only known from Port Alberni Red
Myrioplhyllum quitense Waterwort Water-milfoil   Blue - G4, S2S3
Nothochelone nemorosa Woodland Penstemon Mt. Arrowsmith, Mt. Moriarity Blue - G5, S2S3
Ophioglossum pusillum Northern adder's-tongue Sutton Pass ecological reserve Red, G5, S1
Poygonum hydropiperoides Water-pepper Sproat River near hatchery? Blue - G4G5, S2S3
Prosartes smithii Smith's fairybells Cherry Creek, Cottam Road Blue - G5, S2S3
Pyrola elliptica White Wintergreen Mt. Arrowsmith Blue - G5, S2S3
Rupertia physodes California-tea Meconella bluff, Kitsuksis bluffs blue - G4, S3
Sanguisorb menziesii Menzies' burnet Mt. Arrowsmith Blue - G5, S2S3
Sidalacea hendersonii Henderson's Checker-mallow Somass Estuary Blue - G3, S3
Viola howellii Howell's violet Sproat Bluffs?? blue - G4, S2S3

2.5 Plants and Wildlife Resources (Continued) Other Plants of Concern

Quercus garryana Garry Oak Kitsuksis Bluffs, Somass Estuary only 2 sites
Ceanothus sanguineus Redstem Ceanothus Sproat Bluff only 1 known site

Butterflies of Concern

Icaria icarioides ssp blackmorei Boisduval's Blue Mt. Arrowsmith S3 (Special Concern)
Speyeria zerene ssp bremnerii Zerene Fritillary Mt. Arrowsmith S3 (Special Concern)
Cercyonis pegala ssp incana Common Woodnymph Alberni Valley S3 (Special Concern)
Loranthomitoura johnsoni?? Johnson's Hairstreak South eastern Vancouver Island S1S2


Rana aurora Red-legged frog    
  Painted turtle Local lakes  
  White Sturgeon Alberni Inlet (in the fall)  
Pachydiplax longipennis Blue Dasher Dragonfly Alberni Valley not sure if this is red or blue listed.

Red and Blue Listed Animals Currently Managed For by Weyerhaeuser

Red-legged Frog
Great Blue Heron, fannini subspecies
Northern Goshawk, laingi subspecies
Marble Murrelet
Vancouver Island Marmot
Roosevelt Elk

Red and Blue Listed Animals with No Active Management Plan

(Note: given the migratory nature of birds, all birds that have the potential for being in the territory are listed, some may be rare visitors)

Painted Turtle
Sharp-tailed Snake
Double-crested Cormorant
Brandt’s Cormorant
Green Heron
Canada Goose, occidentalis subspecies
Surf Scooter
Peregrine Falcon , anatum subspecies
Peregrine Falcon, pealei subspecies
Cassin’s Auklet
Common Murre
Tufted Puffin
Barn Owl
Short-eared Owl
Western Screech Owl
Northern Pygmy-owl, swarthy subspecies
Purple Martin
Vesper Sparrow, offinis subspecies
Common Water Shrew, brooksi subspecies
Keen’s Long-Eared Myotis
Townsend’s Big-eared Bat
Ermine, anguinae subspecies
Wolverine, vancouverensis subspecies
Band-tailed Pigeon
Western Bluebird (Georgia dep pop)
Western Meadowlark (Georgia dep pop)
Cutthroat Trout, clarki subspecies
Lewis Woodpecker
Sea Otter