Land & Resources 5

2.6 Tourism & Recreation Resources

There is an abundance of tourism and recreation activities that occur within the Hupacasath territory. The main activities tend to be land based such as, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing and camping. Additionally, the main transportation route to the Pacific Rim (Highway 4) brings thousands of tourists each year through Hupacasath territory.

Table 8 rates the level of tourism and recreation activity in each Hupacasath Use Area. The Area is rated as high if it has three or more types of recreation/tourism activity and/or a high intensity of activities. It is rated as medium if there are at least two types of recreation/tourist activities. It is low if there is just one type of recreation/tourism activity and/or low intensity of activity. None means that there are no recreation/tourism activities identified.

Section 5.5 details the types of recreation/tourism activities in each Hupacasath Use Area.

Table 8: Level of Tourism/Recreation Activity

Hupacasath Use Area Level of Activity
Arbutus Low
Ash High
Beaufort High
Cameron High
China High
Chuchakacook Medium
Coleman Medium
Corrigan Medium
Cous Medium
Doran Low
Drinkwater/Della High
Grassy High
Great Central Lake High
Handy Creek Low
Hywatches Low
Lowry Medium
McCoy/Devils Den Medium
Maber/McBride High
Mactush Medium
Museum High
Nahmint High
Oshinow High
Pocahontas Point Low
Roger Creek High
Shoemaker Low
Sproat Lake High
Taylor Medium
Thunder None
Barkley Sound and Offshore High

2.7 Water and Mineral Resources


Fresh and salt waters are some of the most valuable resources within the Hupacasath territory because of their critical value for fish.

The impact of dams, logging, urbanization, roads and other developments over the last one hundred years has had a detrimental effect on water quality and fish habitat. One of the main objectives of this plan is to protect and enhance water quality.

While there has been some mineral mining in the past, present use is primarily for quarrying for rock, sand and gravel for road and other construction.