Land Use

1.0 Introduction

The Hupacasath stated during a Treaty Main Table session on May 1, 1998; “We as a First Nation in our territory, know the balance of all life cycles, how they affect one another, and how to keep harmony and balance. We know how the environment used to be and we can recover and restore our territory’s natural resources to what they once were. Our interest in the natural resources is not driven by economics, but by resource sustainability for all people of the lands. To be First Nations is to be part of the land, water, air and to respect it.”

“We will give back to mother earth the respect and sanctity she rightfully deserves. We will make our lands, waters and air inviolable. We will spiritually cleanse the lands that have already been violated. We will take back our place as the rightful caretakers of our territory and far exceed the provincial and federal standards, for they are lax and inefficient.”

Former Chief Judith Sayers stated in 2003, “This statement is as true today as it was five years ago. This Hupacasath Land Use Plan is our statement of how we will implement what was so wisely stated in May of 1998 and by our elders in years past.”