Language Books

Thanks to the Nuu Chah Nulth Economic Development Program for providing us with the grant to make the following Nuu Chah Nulth language books available for free online to anyone who would like to download them. Thank you, also, to the fluent speakers of the Hupačasatḥ Community for dedicating their time and their wisdom when writing these books.

If you would like to order printed copies of these books, please contact the Hupačasatḥ Band Office at 250-724-4041.

Books and DVDs Produced by Hupacasath Publications

What the Hupacasath Did During the Four Seasons,
How They Worked on Getting Food and Tools Made From Bones

©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2006
originally published in 2003
reprint, through the Trafford Publishing | First People's Language Grant

The Things that We Have, As Told By Our Elders
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2004

All Colours
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2004

Counting Book
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2004

Himwica: Our Legends
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2005

The Water Was our Highway
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2006

Words From Many Roots
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2006

Hupačasatḥ hiits cik yak : Language of the Hupacasath
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2007

ʔiiḥcamiscukwitin ʔuwaatincamis : It is Important to Know Who Our Relatives Are
©Hupačasatḥ First Nation 2008
Available for download or hardcover purchase from late fall 2008.


Language DVD

Hupačasatḥ hiits cik yak : Stories in Nuu Chah Nulth
a DVD of contemporary Hupačasath stories. Sample videos available by clicking the links below. You will need Quicktime to view these movies. Make sure your sound is on!

Opening Prayer
Swadesh Story
Nootka Story
Pinxuuł Story
Shallow Water Story
Lahal Story