About the Language Program

Hupač̓asatḥ believe that our language is a celebration and an illustration of our culture. Therefore it is our goal to be 100% fluent within Hupač̓asatḥ territory.

Over the years, the Hupacasath Fluent Speakers have produced nine books and one DVD in Nuučaan̓uł. Links for how to access these works are available on our books and publications page. To see some examples of the Fluent Speakers in action, check out our  online videos.

Other members of the Hupač̓asatḥ Language Team work with a network of experts from all over the world in the fields of cultural studies, linguistics, technology, and design. The team writes and researches, attends conferences and learns about other langauge programs, and presents on the exciting developments that are happening right here. With the shared goal of reviatlizing Nuučaan̓uł, we can all benefit from the beauty and diversity of this language.