Outlook Web Access

Welcome to Outlook Web Access. Here you will find instructions on how to use this powerful tool.

Please read all in the instructions before proceeding.

1. Click the link at bottom of page. This will take you to the Outlook Web Access login page.

2. If using Internet Explorer, you will get a certificate error (normal). Continue on to the site. The web access to email uses a secure connection, and encryption like online banking does. Your pc does not recognize the server as a public entity (and it is not) so you will get this error.

2b. Log in with the same username and password you use at your desk. If using dialup or any other slow connection (possible on vacation) choose Outlook Light and continue.

3. If you are using Mozilla or any other browser, you will get a trust warning. Proceed and follow whatever prompts you may encounter to enter the site. Most other browsers wil force Outlook Light at this point.

4. Please send your questions to shayne@hupacasath.ca