The Hupačasath First Nation fisheries department focuses on two main areas: A) coordinating “food fish” for community members each season and B) stock assessments to help track and monitor stocks for the benefit of future generations.

The department has expanded a lot since 2015. It has grow in size and responsibility offering more employment and stewardship for the Nation.

Learn more about Food Fish and Stock Assessments below.

Fish Day Information Page

Graham Murrell
Fisheries Manager / Biologist

“Managing fisheries to maximize fish for today and fish for tomorrow.”

Food Fish Programs:

Stock Assessment Program:

Hupačasath First Nation works with DFO to help monitor the salmon stock assessments. The deliverables for these assessments keep the season very busy. Data is collected and shared with DFO to add to the bigger stock assessment picture that is reviewed at the Round Table Meetings throughout the season. Currently (2021) a 5-6 person crew works on these data projects and are mostly experienced Nation members.

Below are some of the ways that the salmon stocks are monitored, year-round.

Sproat Fish Cam Stamp River Fish Cam Great Central Fish Cam