Social Development Program

The Hupačasath Social Development team will work with compassion, resourcefulness and heart to support our community to meet their basic needs and establish a foundation for all members to grow and thrive.”

The Social Development department delivers the Income Assistance National Program to Hupačasath Community members living on reserve who are in need of assistance to meet their basic needs. Anyone living on reserve full time, both status and non-status are able to apply for this support when needed. If there are needs that are not met by the Social Assistance program then they can assist members to access external programs that have additional resources. When needed, they also act as a community liaison between Usma Child and Family Protection Services and Hupačasath families.

The Social Development worker is happy to help community members apply for Income Assistance and is very knowledgeable about other programs and services that may be available for families or individuals who need help.

The rules and amounts of funding are strictly regulated by Indigenous Services Canada (federal government) and Hupačasath does not have the ability to make changes to the eligibility, funding amounts, or paperwork requirements.

When available, the Social Development department accesses additional funding. You may hear of other supports becoming available from time to time. These are not guaranteed and can change at any time depending on the availability of funds and restrictions of program requirements.

Social Development staff always do their best to help get members support and learn about other programs and opportunities.

Paulette Tatoosh
Social Development Coordinator

Paulette has spent many, many years supporting our community through Social Development. She truly cares about the well being of all community members and works hard to help. She is very knowledgeable about the Social Assistance program and resourceful to find other ways to support when the Federal funding cannot.

Paulette’s cellphone: 250-735-2529

Upcoming Cheque Days:

  • November 24, 2021 for December SA
    • Must submit Monthly Renewal Declaration by November 15th

  • December 16, 2021 for January SA
    • Must submit Monthly Renewal Declaration by December 15th

Why didn’t I get a cheque?

Some of the most common reasons for not receiving a cheque:

  • Monthly income over allowable limits of the policy
  • Social Assistance Monthly Renewal Declaration not submitted to Social Development worker before the 15th of the month
  • Or if you are moving away from the Hupačasath community then your cheque should come from where you are moving to.

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