The Hupačasath First Nation Housing Department has three main areas: Social Housing Rentals, Land allocation (for private homes), and Band Maintenance.

Maintenance Repair Request Form

Please complete this form and submit to the Nation. When funding is available then repairs will be reviewed and prioritized based on Health & Safety, Need and available funds.

Funding available varies throughout the year and from year to year.

Download Maintenance Request

Al Mcanerin
Housing & Assets

Important Deadlines:

By-laws of the Hupačasath First Nation

These by-laws have been adopted by the Hupačasath community and are enforceable on all Hupačasath First Nation reserve land. 

The By-Laws are community agreements for how we will live with Iisaak as neighbours, and how we show iisaak to and pride in the land we call home. These by-laws apply to CP Land, community land, social housing properties, and at Nation buildings/property (like the Band Hall).

By-law infractions can be reported to the CEO at ext. 58

Please read and understand these by-laws as they apply to everyone on reserve.


CP Holders

These By-Laws apply to CP Holder property and are enforceable. Any CP Holder is responsible for their property and the guests on their property. 

Housing Announcements

Recycling Message

A message from our 3rd Ave Recycling Depot. Please read the attachment. [...]

Kleekhoot Water Issue Notice


Garbage Day Notice


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