Recent Fish Day Distribution Notices

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Distribution Process & Information

Please see details about the Distribution Process, Designates, and Fish Day timing.

The fish distribution will follow COVID-19 distancing procedures. The check in procedure will be modified to ensure contact between members is minimized. The check in procedure will proceed as usual however you will inform the staff who you will be picking up for and the staff will check those shares in. The number of shares you are collecting will be marked beside your name and cross checked when the fish are distributed. Once you are signed in you must return to your vehicle and all are encouraged to return home if possible, to wait till the distribution begins. Once the fish day staff give notice that the distribution is starting, vehicles should line up to proceed through the distribution station. Individuals should line up out of the traffic lane to receive their shares. Please be patient while the fish are distributed. Members arriving in vehicles must remain in your vehicles. Fish day volunteers will place your shares into containers in the back of your vehicle. Elders are to be given priority access to pick up their shares. Those arriving on foot are not to crowd the distribution area.
As most are aware, COVID-19 infection rates have increased and we will need to ensure that everyone follows the recommendations from BC Health Authorities. At all times you should maintain a 2m distance from other members.
Please consider wearing a mask to protect yourself and others when you come for the distribution.
If you are feeling sick or are displaying any symptoms do not attend the distribution. Carefully following these recommendations will help ensure that all community members are kept safe and healthy!
If you have not returned to pick up your fish by the posted distribution time then your shares will be forfeited.
Please be respectful to fish day staff.

A Fish day depends on the abundancy of fish returning that year. When we are fortunate enough to harvest food fish we notify our community members near the end of the week. We do attempt to have our fish days on the Sunday morning following our harvest. Please know, fish days are always subject to change and/or cancel, depending on fishing success.

Each week during fish season there is a Round Table meeting on Thursdays where all interested groups (including DFO) meet to review the fish escapement and make a plan for the following week.

The earliest that Hupačasath Fisheries will know about Community Fish Opportunities will be after this meetings on Thursday.

Everyone works quickly to give as much notice as possible with the goal of having the announcement posted Thursday evening or Friday. 

If you need more time to arrange travel or work, consider looking into Delegate options to help make sure you can access your fish share.

If you cannot pick up your own share, you may “designate” another person to pick up your share for you. 

A designation form must be submitted to the fisheries department before the weekend of fish day, or to fish day staff only during check-in time on fish day.

No, we have a record of previous fish day designation forms.

If you would like to confirm you’re still on this list, please reach out to the Fisheries Manager at the office by phone or email 

Remember, anyone on your designate list (even old designates) can collect on your behalf. It is your responsibility to keep the list up to date. Add or remove people as needed.

It is also your responsibility to contact your designate to arrange them to pick up for you.